Fetch Tiger is a project begun in 2019 by London-based songwriter Lorenzo Montali. 
 Originally a drummer, Montali began to dedicate attention to guitar and songwriting in 2017, after relocating to San Francisco, his final stop before London. In early 2020, Montali was joined by Tanner Davis on keys.
Fetch Tiger is no stranger to melancholia.With influences ranging from cinema-scene storytellers like Andy Shauf and Big Thief, to vintage-modern interpreters like Whitney and Cate le Bon,  their songs are woven with luminous guitar riffs, longing melodies, and wavery vocals, wrestling you into golden-tinged tribulations that carry little hope for clarity.

Fetch Tiger’s first single, Movie, was released in December of 2019, followed by their sophomore single "Best Design" on 22 May, 2020, with the 3rd expected in July.