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Fetch Tiger is no stranger to melancholia. With influences ranging from cinema-scene storytellers to vintage-modern interpreters, their songs act as navigations through the passes of getting older and emotive, fleeting situations. Through lush sonic environments and aesthetic indie storytelling, Fetch Tiger brings listeners to realizations that often carry little hope for clarity.

Started as the project of Florida-raised songwriter Lorenzo Montali in late 2019, Montali was later joined by Texan, Tanner Davis, on keyboards, bringing more pop-forward tendencies to the sound. They are now based in London, UK.

Their sophomore single release, 'Best Design', was featured as London's Hoxton Radio's 'Track of the Week', which helped the band see placement on multiple indie playlists. Their subsequent single, 'I Can't Compete', is featured on two official Spotify playlists, Lo-fi Indie and Evening Indie, introducing them to a range of new fans globally.

The 4th single, 'Humid' was released 2 October, 2020. 

 Continuing their debut year, they are in the process of recording their debut EP with new singles planned for January.